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The Cornstarch Disposable Tableware Has a bright Prospect

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As people’s life rhythm speeding up, disposable tableware is gradually entering the fast food business. Since disposable tableware was used for the first time in our country in 1984, the foam plastic tableware has rapidly spread out throughout every corners of the nation and has walked into people's Daily life. It also resulted in the formation of a huge consuming market for disposable tableware.  


According to a statistic, China consumes about 10 billion pieces of fast food tableware a year, most of which is disposable foam plastic tableware. it grows at the speed of 25% each year.


Because polystyrene is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable, it brings many troubles to dispose polystyrene products. The abandoned foam plastic disposable tableware can be seen everywhere, in the cities’ streets, tourist attractions, areas along the railway, the rivers and lakes. It is shocking by sight and also causes serious environment pollution. This kind of "white pollution" has not only increased the labor intensity of the sanitation workers, but also caused visual pollution. These polystyrene products are increasingly polluting the water and land resources that we live on, and are endangering people’s health.


It is gratifying to see that the nation has done a lot of work and researches in this field and has made great achievements. Under the scientific guidance and strong support of the government, various environment-friendly tableware emerges as the times require. The revolutions in single-use tableware have achieved good social effects.


The single-use tableware of Hefei Moch Imported & Exported Co., Ltd is a healthy and biodegradable product, which is made from cornstarch and produced by high-tech production process to avoid environmental pollution and to save non-renewable resources such as oil. It can self-degraded under natural conditions. According to the tests by the national authoritative inspection department, all the hygienic, physical and chemical indicators of Moch cornstarch tableware have reached the national standards. Moch’s biodegradable product is the ideal substitute of the controversial disinfected tableware which is widely used in the catering market currently.


Cornstarch biodegradable tableware is a non-harmful, environment-friendly and green product which is advocated by international community and greatly supported by domestic policy.  Moch Imported & Exported Co., Ltd actively responds to the international advocation for environment protection, and will continue to make contributions to the global environment protection by making more efforts to research and develop biodegradable tableware.


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