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How to distinguish the true and fake corn starch tableware

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The cornstarch tableware is a biodegradable product with corn starch as main raw material. The product, which can be degraded under natural conditions, is made with high-tech production process to avoid environmental pollution and save non-renewable resources such as oil. According to the tests by the national authoritative inspection department, all the hygienic, physical and chemical indicators of Moch cornstarch tableware have reached the national standards. This kind of degradable product is the ideal substitute of the controversial disinfected tableware which is widely used in the catering market currently. With the cornstarch tableware sold well, a lot of substandard and fake cornstarch tableware begins to emerge in the market, which seriously endangers people’s  health. Today, Hefei Moch Imported & Exported Co., Ltd. will teach you how to distinguish the true and fake cornstarch tableware. How to distinguish true and fake cornstarch tableware:


1.Visual observation. The starch tableware is yellow or milky white, while non-starch product is a little bit dark and bluish white.


2.Odor discrimination. With the same kind of products being fractionized each other until they are heated, starch products have a faint smell of corn paste flavor or plant fragrance, while other products have plastic smell.


3.Combustion identification. With two types of products being burned separately, the starch products have red flame , while the other products have blue flame.  As to the ash of the burned products, the hand crushed powder of starch product’s ash is black, while the other product’s ash is light black.

The degradable cornstarch tableware produced by Hefei Moch Imported & Exported Co., Ltd , which meets the international standards, is exported to North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia and many other areas, and has won the praise and trust of our customers.

Moch’s staff will continue to be committed to the cause of environmental protection and will make great contributions for it.

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