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A low-carbon and healthy lifestyle is expected to be popularized as cornstarch tableware is placed on dinner tables

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Recently ,the news about the unclean disinfected tableware was frequently exposed. Some disinfected tableware companies were criticized and warned because their disinfected tableware failed to pass the inspection conducted by the local health departments. The health problems of disinfected tableware has caused much concern of the public. A reporter finds that a kind of cornstarch tableware is unknowingly being put on more and more dinner tables.

A business Hotel attendant is enthusiastically recommending a reporter a kind of disposable cornstarch tableware which is used in his hotel .The reporter sees that this kind of tableware on the tables which labels disposable cornstarch tableware is different from traditional ceramic tableware. The packaging also writes" fee of 1.5 Yuan". The reporter notices that a set of disposable tableware is composed of two cups, a plate, a bowl and a spoon and the weight is much lighter than ceramic tableware. Mr. Liu, the hotel manager, says they started to recommend the customers to use the cornstarch disposable tableware from the September of this year.

Mr. Liu tells the reporter that this kind of tableware has one advantage that you can throw it away as life garbage after you use it. It can self-degrade completely if it’s buried in the soil for a month to six months. It’s both environment-friendly and convenient.


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